Your Universe..

In 1996, we were just two strangers bumping to each other at the same place and time.

In 2008 destiny tricked our lives around, and I became Mrs. Hernandez.

Today, as I count and recall, we already surpassed the seven years itch with strong and definite relationship goals, two children to raise and love, how can life be this great from two strangers who barely knew each other two decades ago?

Truly, it was really a miracle of Love graced by God. That no matter how far the road you take or how long the time you have to wait… The one who is destined for you will be with you in God’s very own perfect time!

It’s been a blissful and challenging eight years sticking up with you and a roller coaster life you have to deal in return. I told you many times that I would always take the same rocky road just to have you and my children in my journey.

Happy 8 years Beb and yes, you can thank the stars all you want but, I’ll always be the #DeservingWife! Haha! Love you!

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