Universe City is a special performative theater and videomapping show commissioned by UFO Art Residence Project, and developed in the University of Trieste, Italy, in order to tell a century of the city’s history – from fascism till now-a-days – through the “eyes” of the different architectures built in the campus. An astronaut coming from another planet (actor Paolo Fagiolo) in a mission to find intelligent life in the universe, lands in the citadel of Trieste, where the main campus is located. With the help of a “psichogliphic-scanner”, special alien AI tech which reads past events based on wall’s mnemonic particles, he’s able to ask his board computer to re-project on of 4 locations in the campus the story of those buildings, and thus retrieving all the information he needs, before returning to his ship and fly back to space.
(Watch the full projected videomapping on the main university facade in this link: https://vimeo.com/453313757)

-Paolo Fagiolo
-Federico Petrei
-Elia Zupin

-Fay Fernandes
-Luca Ferro
-Federico Petrei

Elia Zupin

Massimo Mucchiut (Lyno-leum)

UFO Art Residencies is:
-Marcela Serli (Art Direction)
-Teatro “La Contrada” (Production)

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