senseable space

Personal space/ architecture body pieces/ wearable data/ growing data on the body

Our future is driven by innovation and technology. The living environments and life qualities are changing. Although technology has and will have increasing power and influence over our daily life, there is no guarantee, that it will automatically improve the quality of our life. I am interested in personal space. How we perceive our personal space and how in daily life our “available” space is changing.
Personal space refers to an area with invisible boundaries surrounding a person’s body. It is an emotionally charged zone around each person. It is not necessarily spherical in shape, nor does it extend equally in all directions. Personal space can be seen as invisible bubble that accompanies us wherever we go and that may expand or shrink depending on personality and the cultural background as well as the physical settings. It is not static at all. As we change and adapt, we change the environment around us, too.
The aim of the project is to detect the changing properties of personal space, to visualize this psychological construct, which refers to a physical distance or boundary, we attempt to maintain between ourselves, and the people around us.

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