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www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=0m50s FÜHLUNG
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=4m14s WEITE
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=13m30s DEHNUNG
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=19m30s SPIRALEN
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=25m35s LICHT IM LICHT
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=35m10s BEWEGUNG
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=40m50s VERBINDUNG
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=47m20s ZEITLOS
www.vimeo.com/saxesful/raum-space#t=48m30s NACHKLANG

Gert Anklam ( baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, sheng ) solo featuring Pina Rücker ( crystal sound bowls ) live at Völkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig, July 2017
www.gert-anklam.de, www.kosmosklang.de

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