PostSecret Universe

Together with a small team at Potion, I worked with artist Frank Warren to bring his collection of intimately inspiring mail-in secrets into a digital universe. Traditionally, Frank curates secrets sent to him on post cards into a narrative in books and websites. With this project we provided the community with a new perspective on browsing the deeply personal archive.

Transcending the pattern of linear narratives, we invited the community to create their own connections between secrets. By providing them with the right tools, we allowed Frank’s followers to build a meaningful connective tissue that is only possible digitally.

We developed an app interface that encourages exploration and is designed to provoke a genuine reaction. No matter where you are in the experience, there is always a way to seamlessly discover new content, dive deeper or take a step back for a bird’s-eye-view.

Ultimately, we created a new layer that provides meaningful context for otherwise anonymous secrets. Over the course of the project I lead the group of three coders, spearheaded motion design and shaped the user experience with my team. At launch day, the app was prominently promoted by Apple on the App Store and its social channels. It became the number one paid app in the Entertainment category and remained in the top 20 of all paid apps on the App Store for days.

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